turkey     Seen the Holidays are fast approaching I thought maybe I would write about what it is like to be married to a trucker during this time. Also what it is like on the road for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have always thought of the holidays as family time… we need to be together and enjoy each others company no matter what. I always made it a point to make Thanksgiving and Christmas special. Well being married to a truck driver is not always easy during the holidays hahaha …. You can not guarantee home time and you can not guarantee that the holiday will be celebrated on the day it should be . Most of the time we made it home a day or two before the holiday. A few times we got home the day of Thanksgiving or Christmas. That is not easy when you are supposed to be cooking the meal haha … but you make do and get things done anyways and don’t worry because you made it home and that is all that matters. If I don’t get a chance to say it later I would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!

Waiting at Home….

When Robert started driving our son was 7 years old, he thought it was the coolest thing that daddy drove a big truck !!!! If he got to sit in the truck when Robert came home that kid was thrilled beyond words. At first it wasn’t too hard on our son with dad being gone because he talked to him every night and he had a big U.S.A. map on his playroom wall and every night when he talked to Robert he would put another thumb tack on where his daddy was at. Michael learned his stated really quickly and figured out how far away daddy used to go… then it started to get to him because dad was so far away and not coming home for days. When Robert made it home for home time there was NO controlling that child haha…. he would not leave his daddy’s side no matter what.

Michael grew up fast then, he became the man of the house when Robert was gone. He had to take care of his mom and the cats and the dog. Plus go to school . One year I had surgery on my foot, Robert made it home for my surgery and got to stay a couple of days after wards but then I was on my own. I couldn’t walk on my foot, had to use a walker or crutches. Our washer and dryer was down stairs in our basement which meant Michael had to carry the laundry up and down the stairs for me. He helped so much !!! He would even shovel the snow for me when his dad was gone.

Even now after 15 years of driving and our son being 22 years old, he takes care of things when his dad is gone. It’s not easy on the kids when their parent is gone, it is even harder when you are driving down the highway and see a truck that looks like their daddy’s truck and you have to try to explain that it isn’t their dad. or when watching tv and they see an accident involving a big truck, it scares them really bad because they don’t realize it’s not their dad until they get to talk to them on the phone.

Our son was thrilled when he could finally ride along with his dad, he never wanted to get out of the truck haha…. He learned a  lot being on the road . But that is for another story…. just remember when you have small children try to keep them involved in their parents driving, don’t try to hide them from it or shelter them from it. they need to learn and understand our this job and industry affects them too. Let them share the experience and learn and grow from it. you will be amazed at what they learn and understand.

The Sacrifices We Must Make….

When Robert started driving years ago, I was not happy about it at all. I had no idea what to expect and no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But I learned fast that both of us will make sacrifices with this job. I always thought he enjoyed leaving and loved being away on the road and when he got home he enjoyed it. UNTIL I went with him, then I realized how much you miss home and how much every truck driver out there is sacrificing . They leave their families and homes to drive and deliver their loads to all kinds of places at all different hours of the day. They drive in bad weather, good weather, around 4 wheelers who think of them as being a nuisance.There is construction to deal with, terrible food and service at the truck stops, having to search for a place to sleep at night because your tired and just can’t drive any more. You push yourself and push yourself to get the job done. All you want and think about is getting home again for that precious 34-36 hours with your family. YES you read that right, 34-36 hours is all they get at home. it’s called a reset and if your lucky to get home for that reset then you enjoy every minute of it that you can.

The driver misses birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays and special events, just to keep the store shelves full for you people like you and me. They miss school plays, baseball games, football games, soccer and band practice. Just to keep the stores full. There is many different definitions for the word sacrifice but the one that you need to remember is the one that fits here : AN ACT OF GIVING UP SOMETHING VALUED FOR THE SAKE OF SOMETHING ELSE REGARDED AS MORE IMPORTANT OR WORTHY. That’s what a truck driver does, remember that next time you honk or flip him off because he is going too slow or can’t move over to let you by. Remember what is he sacrificing so you can have that nice car and fancy clothes and the food on your table. They do not get paid a lot, they eat when they can, they shower when they can, they sleep when they find a place to park. They are not climbing into their warm beds at night with their spouse like you are. They don’t get to kiss their kids good night or read them a bed time story. 

I did not realize what is sacrificed until I was on the road and had to make the same sacrifices. God bless all our drivers and their families.. with out them we would be cold, hungry and naked. Remember that

It’s Not So Bad After All……

When I started going on the road with Robert it wasn’t too bad an experience actually. it took me awhile to learn the ropes and to learn I could NOT bring a lot of clothes with me. really need a bigger closet in these trucks hahaha.. but all in all I did pretty good. it was so exciting to go out on the road and see new places and go to states I have never been too. Well you learn fast that Yes you may be going to see new states BUT you never actually get off the roads or highways to go sightseeing. That was kinda of disappointing though. But after being on the road awhile you see all kinds of things.

Like the first time I saw a “Lot Lizard” ( I don’t watch a lot of tv, but you have this image in your head that there are ladies walking the parking lot that are beautiful and wear really nice sexy outfits, like on tv) well I got news for you !!!! the lot lizards I saw were god awful ugly !!!!! I am sorry but it is true. The clothes they wore were awful and dirty. Robert found out one night how protective his wife can be to him and our truck when we are on the road. We were parked for the night in Las Vegas and there was a knock on the door. I looked out and saw this “thing” standing on the steps of the truck. I rolled the window down a little and told her to get off the truck and go away. She kept insisting that we have a threesome and god only knows what else. I told her NO and to get off the truck. Well she kept going on and on.. I got very mad !!!! i told her to get her a** off our truck or I was going to beat the days light out of her. I guess she didn’t believe me until I started opening the door, let me tell you she took off running like her life was in danger HAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!   Actually in a way it was…. after that Robert called me his Pitbull !!!!! 

When I am in the truck I am very protective of it. No one is allowed near it or to touch it. Without me knowing about it.  I like a clean shiny truck too 🙂  But that is another story for another day.


Robert and I were talking this morning remembering some of our adventures of the places and stores we delivered too. Remembering unloading trailers one box at a time LOL … oh what fun that was. So glad we don’t unload any more !!!!

We also talked about some of the small places we used to deliver too and how in the world we would get that truck into such small areas, it still amazes me how these drivers can put something so big into such small areas…. but I have to say well done !!!! I am impressed.

When you have gone to so many places, so many towns and traveled so many highways.. it is hard to remember them all. It’s hard to remember where they all lead and what was there. But there are somethings you just don’t forget.  Like where you were when the truck decided to break down or when you saw that awful accident on the highway.. you remember it every time you drive by the spot, no matter how many years later it’s been.  So many places, so many faces and so much to remember in 15 years. You remember friends you met and friends you lost.. you remember the companies that were good to you or the ones that treated like a number instead of a person. You remember the trucks you drove, some were special and hold a place in your mind and heart forever… while some you would rather forget but can’t. HAHAHA  You remember the food ( gosh if only you could forget the food lol) you remember the good truck stops and the bad ones. You remember where the scale houses are at and when they are open or closed.

But I must say that no matter what — you remember that what you are doing out here is for all the people to be able to live. You remember that with out you there would be no food, or clothes or anything in the stores, you remember that even though you get a bad rap or get flipped off by 4 wheelers every truck driver out there is going through the same sacrifices as you and you are never alone on that long road.